How to apply?

Are you an SME or Start-up?

Interested in applying for OneNet Open Call?

Follow the steps below to submit your proposal.

Please be sure that you have addressed all the required awarded criteria. Each criterion will be scored by Evaluators from 0 to 5. The default threshold per criterion and the overall threshold will be as follow:

IMPACT5 pointsThreshold per criterion3/5
TECHNICAL QUALITY5 pointsThreshold total10/15

The Evaluation workflow is reflected in the figure below:

Please download the following documents to help you prepare your proposal:

Guide for applicants

Proposal template (please register to have access to this document)

Please revisit this page before submission to check for updates of the above documents or additional information that guides you to a successful application.


(submissions closed)

In case of questions, please email to the Open Call Helpdesk